Plant Manufacturing

Precision Building Systems is one of the most advanced roof truss and wall panel manufacturing operations in Colorado.  We are one of the only manufacturers that stores all of our loose lumber indoors for higher quality control.  We have three computerized saws that ensure all cuts are precise and that lumber waste is kept to a minimum.  We also have our own design staff that works with the best cutting edge software to eliminate any problems long before the manufacturing process and provide the most efficient value engineered design to your project. 

Using wall panel and truss components gives us the advantage of resolving problems before we build, providing a higher quality product in a factory controlled environment, reproducing a building the same way every time, using all of our material in the most optimal way to control waste, and being able to complete a project in about half of the amount of time it takes to build a stick framed project.  Our truss tables have a laser guided system and use automatic jigs to ensure everything is built precisely according to design.  Our wall panel lines use precision marked pieces, framing stations, component nailing bridges, and highly skilled crews to offer unmatched versatility and customization.