About Us

Precision Building System's plant resides in Denver at approximately 58th and I-25. The plant is a 100,000 sqft facility on 10 acres of land. The large facility allows Precision Building Systems to manufacture approximately 90% of every project in a factory controlled environment using wall panel and truss components. We strongly believe in using our componentized methods to reduce overall costs on a project, have seamless quality control, build greener using less waste, and complete the project in a small fraction of the time it would take using conventional building methods. Our truss and wall panel lines are equipped with the best computer driven saws, high tech manufacturing equipment, and laser guided truss tables all integrated with the latest design software available on the market. Most of our materials are stored indoors and we operate our own trucking fleet to ensure on time delivery. The key to our success is a combination of design, communication, factory capabilities, and execution in the field.

Let us design and build a model for you to demonstrate our capabilities!